Inspired by Montessori colleagues who have successfully set up similar tuition centres across the country and aware of the winds of change brought about not just by the Coronavirus but also by recent shifts in attitude to education in general, there is a huge increase in the number of families now choosing to home educate. The content of the National Curriculum and methods of assessment, the pressure placed on our children from such a young age and the teaching to test are all features of an outdated system that is affecting the mental health of many children and one which more and more families are opting out of.

Good to know

The subjects that we have chosen to cover are those that many parents might not be so keen to teach, i.e. language and maths.
The subjects that we have chosen not to cover are all optional and easier for you to cover at home, through visits or out of school clubs should you wish to do so. Remember that educating your child is not limited to 9-3 Monday to Friday. Some of a child’s education may naturally fall at the weekend or in the evenings and, as such, there is scope for flexibility during the ‘school day’.

Special Educational Needs

We have lots of experience of responding to a wide variety of special educational needs on a day to day basis. If further support or advice is needed, we will put you in touch with a self-employed SENCO, dyslexia or speech and language therapist. This would be an arrangement between yourselves and the specialist and as such you would be billed directly.