Inspired by Montessori colleagues who have successfully set up similar centres across the country and aware of the winds of change brought about not just by the Coronavirus but also by recent shifts in attitude to education in general, there is a huge increase in the number of families now choosing to home educate. The content of the National Curriculum and methods of assessment, the pressure placed on our children from such a young age and the teaching to test are all features of an outdated system that is affecting the mental health of many children and one which more and more families are opting out of.

Based in Coggeshall in Essex, The Learning Tree provides support to home schooling families in a nurturing and friendly environment with small numbers and individual learning. Using Montessori materials with a hands-on approach to learning for children aged 5-11yrs we provide part-time support (15 hours a week) in the core academic areas of the National Curriculum:

  • Primary Literacy
  • Primary Mathematics

We follow the Montessori Primary curriculum for literacy and numeracy. We plan for and track your child’s progress with a learning journey folder.

We are registered with OFSTED as a childcare setting which means that we are inspected to ensure that we operate in a safe and secure manner.  Our policies and procedures include safeguarding, health and safety, fire safety, behaviour and discrimination..